Telehealth Company Successfully Markets to B2B & B2C Audiences


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"The AM PR team is always charging ahead to get results, bringing creative ideas and fresh opportunities to the table on a consistent basis. AM PR has been instrumental in establishing positioning for our evolving company, providing strategic counsel that gets us the best results, and helping us reach a range of target audiences with a robust campaign."

- Sam Liu

The Challenge

VivaLNK is not an early-stage startup, however, before approaching AM PR, the company had little visibility in the press. With a new marketing team in place, the company sought to increase awareness around its core product offerings and its CEO in the B2B space, while also promoting new consumer products to potential buyers.

The Goal

The primary goal of the media relations and content strategy for the campaign was to keep VivaLNK in the news around topics relevant to its product offerings, and grow company awareness among its target audience. This positioned the CEO as a thought leader on IoT, connected devices, telehealth and more, while promoting VivaLNK’s products as key examples of innovation in this area. The campaign also featured case studies and clients, providing an opportunity to build credibility with its audience and offer more visibility to some of its partners. Additionally, with the launch of Vital Scout, the company’s first consumer health product, AM PR developed a targeted review strategy for the product.

The campaign content strategy also involved a LinkedIn content marketing strategy to maximize content created for media, as well as additional thought leadership written by the CEO. The goal was the grow the company’s presence on LinkedIn through ads targeting various potential partners.

The Result

VivaLNK saw impressive coverage as a result of AM PR’s monthly content strategy and media relations campaign. Highlights include:

  • Traction in IT outlets with B2B angles on data quality and security, such as Health IT Outcomes and Inside Big Data

  • Placements in technology and medtech outlets like MobiHealthNews and MedCity News highlighting the credibility of the sensors and partners

  • Regular monthly columns in two IoT publications read by developers that may be interested in their sensors: IoT Agenda and IoT for All

  • Publication in consumer daily news outlets such as these pieces in Gadgeteer, New Atlas and Wareable

  • The LinkedIn Sponsored Content Campaign grew the company’s presence amongst key targets: medical device companies, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and IT companies. AM PR grew the page’s impressions by more than 150 percent several months in a row, and increased clicks by 500 percent  

The campaign included unique content and thought leadership commentary on behalf of the CEO for him to post directly on his LinkedIn page and boosted it to relevant audiences to drive engagement for the brand and visibility for him.