Hello, from AM

After a decade of experience in both corporate communications and the agency environment, no matter where I was or who I was working with, I was happy to be telling great stories. I am a passionate storyteller and “brand molder,” looking to tell stories that showcase how you and your brand are making a difference.

An important part of storytelling is learning the pieces to the narrative. I seek to learn from my clients every day. I like to challenge myself and my client’s target audiences to expand their minds and learn something new. This is why I have chosen to focus on brands in healthcare, science, technology and education. The speed of information and innovation means there are so many stories to tell, and these stories can truly change lives.

If I hadn’t found communications, I’d have chosen a career in one of these sectors. For now though, this is the closest I’ll get to being a surgeon, scientist, professor or engineer. I believe my role is to support innovation and big ideas by helping you spread the word. So many are waiting to hear what you have to say and what you are offering. My promise is to make sure they not only see stories about you, but that they see the right stories that best align with your business goals and overall branding strategy. I have helped hundreds of established and early stage companies build visibility and credibility with the people they need to most and those they didn’t even know they could reach.

When we aren’t discussing your campaign, it’s likely we’ll chat about travel, health and wellness and family. I look forward to connecting with you over a dynamic media hit and the next country on your travel bucket list.

Your future trusted partner,

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